Tuesday, June 9, 2009



1,It is the policy of Company to prohibit employees to solicit any advantage from clients, contractors, suppliers or any person in connection with Company business.

2,Employees must avoid incurring any kind of financial or personal obligation, which might affect their judgment in dealing on behalf of the Company with outside firms or individuals.

3,Each person must examine his own activities and those of his family, to ensure that no condition exists, which could:

• Involved in any non transparent transaction that may affect the Company,

• Impact on an employee’s independent judgment.

4,Areas that may give rise to Conflicts of Interest include but are not limited to the following:

• Employees should refrain from engaging in outside employment, business investments or activities that might conflict with Company’s interest.

• If employee wishes to take concurrent employment, either regular or on a consulting basis, he shall seek written approval before accepting the employment. The Company will give due consideration to such request but the decision of the Management shall be discretionary depending on the merits of each case.

• Employees who have interest in their own or family business shall declare such interest to the Company at the time of joining the Company or at the time when the business is acquired if the employees are already employed in the Company. Such business interest must not be in conflict with the Company’s business interest.

• If the accepting of an advantage could affect the objectivity or to act against the Company’s interest, the employee should decline to accept. Similarly, if acceptance could lead to questions or complaints of bias or impropriety, the offer should also be declined.

5,Employees should not carry out any activities to harm the business of the Company by way of competition, or obtain secret profit or advantage to enhance personal business.

6,When there is a conflict of interest, or a clash between interest and duties, full disclosure of interest is required.

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