Tuesday, June 9, 2009



1. Employees are strictly prohibited from divulging inside information without prior written consent of the Company relating to:

a) Company Business Quotations, Sales Information, Company Business Positions, Financial Matters, Company Business Plan and;

b) Information relating to our Business Partners or Customers

2. Employees who have access to information that has not been publicly disseminated are required to hold them in confidence and trust, and to use all reasonable precautions to assure that they are not disclosed to unauthorized persons or used in an unauthorized manner.

a) Employees are not allowed at any time to disclose any confidential information to anybody outside the Company or use such information to further personal interest.

b) Other obligations:

3. Employees may sometimes during the normal course of business come across information that another employee has violated, or is violating the standards set in this policy. The Company expects the employee to report this violation to Management so that appropriate action can be taken.

4. If there are enquiries from any person for confidential information concerning the Company, the employees shall avoid responding and consult or refer to the top management for further action.

5. Falsifying documents or furnishing false accounting records are serious offences under the Company policy and are strictly prohibited.

a) Employees shall upon termination of employment, return promptly to the Company all notes, books, manuals, documents or records relating to the business of the Company.

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